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Dental Clinics and The Treatment With Patients

The visit to the dentist has always been a cause of stress and anxiety for many people, which is why many individuals choose to stop attending consultations with their dentist. The symptoms caused by going to the dentist generate in the patient a fear that causes psychological stress in both the patient and the doctor. There are no answers to explain this type of behavior, but many times it is attributed to people having a bad experience or the instruments, which when seen, are usually a bit rough and intimidating. Like many of the procedures can be painful. One of the reasons why this can happen is because of social learning, because people explaining their interactions can scare people.

There must be a good relationship between the patient and the dentist because the person may see the doctor as a threat, so in order for this type of thought not to exist, the doctor must have the responsibility to intervene and calm the anxiety. The doctor must provide an environment of peace and security that eliminates tensions. The dentist should place greater emphasis on space, which encompasses certain key elements to achieve quality in the dental clinic. Professional excellence, use of resources, minimal risks for the patient, high level of satisfaction, the impact it has on health, and the quality.

But what is defined as quality? Quality is not the number of treatments that the clinic performs, it is not the cost, it is not the speed with which the procedures are performed but it encompasses the expectations and results, as well as the sum of many others. Basically it is to satisfy the needs and it is a question that constantly must be generated. There must be quality in patient care, care, service and professionalism. Another fundamental element that a clinic must have is the vocational and moral responsibility of the dentist.  Responsibility that revolves around the professional, trust (between the patient and the doctor), confidentiality (in the intimacy of the patient), competition (healthy competition), contract and commitment (between the patient and the doctor). Dental negligence, recklessness, ignorance and inexperience should be avoided.

Dental doctors are those professionals who are dedicated to treating and preventing dental and oral issues. In general, their services are private, either in hospitals or clinics. The main functions performed by dentists is to review the patient’s dental history, plan and provide the treatment. Technological advances have considerably benefited the health area, allowing procedures to be more efficient and obtaining greater results. 

Therefore, in order for the dentist to be able to make use of all the knowledge learned, they must have a space that helps the doctor’s skills. Adapted facilities are needed that meet the objective of satisfying patients as well. The design of the space should be used to the maximum and consider the real needs, as well as the amount of equipment, workers and patients. Within these places there are certain indispensable areas in dental clinics: reception, waiting area, consultation area, sterilization, toilets and toilets and administration.

Many dentists in Tijuana, are prepared to meet the needs of patients, fulfilling the quality and responsibility that come with having a clinic. The spaces are indicated to help the dentist with their treatments. Apart from the city of Tijuana has specialists in dentistry.