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Do I Need a Permit to have Oil Tank Removal Performed on My Property?

Homes and commercial establishments that still use oil-based heating are interested in making a change. Many are considering replacing their oil tanks with more modern alternatives. And it’s no surprise. Replacing an oil heating system can have a number of benefits such as increasing property values and lowering insurance premiums. However, it can be difficult to know where to start and the prospect raises a lot of questions. One of the most commonly asked questions people have is whether oil tank removal requires a permit.

Is a Permit Required to Perform an Oil Tank Removal?

To keep things simple, yes. Most municipalities will require paperwork to be filed before an oil tank removal. Regardless of whether you have an above or below-ground oil tank, filing for a permit is an essential step in the process of having it safely removed. In some cases, towns may even require multiple permits such as those for fire risk and construction. Each town will have its own specific set of rules and procedures, so be sure to find out what they need from you. Generally, a permit will take some time to be processed and will cost a fee; however, permits rarely charge more than $100.

Beyond avoiding a potentially unhappy encounter with your local government, getting an oil tank removal permit provides trust by ensuring the contractor you have chosen to work with is registered and insured. Once a permit is received, the process of removing an oil tank can be accomplished within a few hours by a qualified contractor. After the oil tank is removed, an inspector from your local government will examine the area for any signs of oil leakage.

Simplifying the Process

If you choose to work with Oil Tank Solutions, our team will handle the paperwork and filings necessary to obtain the proper permit for you. Enjoy peace of mind not having to worry about filling out documents or missing an essential form. We’ll handle the entire process for you. Additionally, we will contact a utility marker from the “Call Before You Dig” line to avoid disrupting any underground utilities in the area. Finally, after the removal, we will provide a certificate verifying the oil tank was removed and inspected.

Oil tanks are outdated and saddle your property with an undesirable liability, turning off potential buyers and raising interest rates. If you’re interested in having an oil tank removed or have any questioned, feel free to contact us.