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Knowing About Pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the best stages for a woman and for the whole family because it marks the life of each member differently, but it is definitely a mark that will last. It is about physical, emotional and hormonal changes that every pregnant woman goes through, where it is necessary to assimilate and understand them so that the process is less disturbing and so that the woman feels safe and positive about her condition. Having a baby is a wonderful experience, but prenatal care is necessary to ensure the life of both the baby and the mother. 

To achieve this, there must be people who constantly support, encourage and care for the pregnant woman. As well as specialists in the area of health, such as a gynecologist, nutritionist or some dentist in Tijuana who helps the woman to be physically healthy.

Planning a pregnancy is the best way to ensure that a woman gets the essential prenatal care she needs. It is advisable for the couple to find a doctor who will advise them and notify them of the risks so that the necessary measures can be taken to ensure that the pregnancy develops in a healthy manner. If no planning was done and the woman is pregnant, it is recommended that she see her doctor so that an ultrasound can be done. In both cases, the doctor will perform medical tests to determine if there are possible chronic diseases that may affect or hinder the pregnancy. If so, constant monitoring and special treatment must be provided.

Pregnancy preventions will allow for no damage to the fetus as some malformations or neurological diseases are. To avoid this, doctors recommend and prescribe the use of folic acid to be taken during and after pregnancy. At this stage, it is advisable for the woman to have a balanced diet and to exercise (nothing heavy). Depending on the stage of development of the fetus, it will be the number and frequency of visits to the gynecologist.

Approximately three months into the pregnancy, ultrasound will be performed. Many people opt for 3rd dimensional ultrasound to determine if the embryo is alive, its gestational age, if there is more than one fetus, if there are complications in the uterus or if there is any malformation. Different ultrasounds will be performed at different stages to monitor the baby’s development, the position of the baby and to see if the placenta is not damaged.

In the nine months, significant changes will occur in women where family support is important and vital. These physical changes that the woman experiences are intended to house the fetus and, although they may be shocking, they are necessary. Faced with these changes, many women opt for a tummy tuck Tijuana after having a child, mainly so that there is not such a noticeable change due to the pregnancy. The psychological alterations are normal due to the modifications that the hormones present; presenting variations in the feelings and the state of mind. Many of the couples suffer alterations in their feelings.

As mentioned, family and social bonding is important during this stage so that the woman can be supported and feel comfortable since it is not an easy process. Communication is essential in order to convey to both the doctor and the family members the fears, doubts and concerns that exist. It is important that the woman and all those around her enjoy this new stage.