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Can I use InStyler wet to dry on dry hair?

Enjoy going out but hate the time it takes to wash and style your hair? Don’t worry, the InStyler Wet-to-Dry has got your back. The InStyler is the perfect tool to help get you out the door quickly and in style. With Hydro-Styling technology, your hair dries as you style it!

Can I Use the InStyler Wet-to-Dry ONLY for wet hair?

No! You can use the InStyler Wet-to-Dry on:

  • Damp Hair
  • Dry Hair
  • Wet Hair

How do I style my Hair?

You can use any of your favorite salon-quality professional styling products (oil-based products are not recommended) with the InStyler!

  • Wet Hair

Just got out of the shower and have soaking wet hair?  First things first, you will need to thoroughly towel dry your hair before using the InStyler Wet-to-Dry.  Why? Although the InStyler is meant for wet hair, soaking wet hair can cause problems with the electronic components. Usually, one or two passes will have you ready to go. Sometimes you may need extra passes because of wetness or hair thickness. After all, you can’t rush beauty! Remember to go slowly when using the InStyler for best results.

  • Damp Hair

There are no extra precautions for damp hair, but you might hear some crackling. Don’t worry!!! The crackling comes from water evaporating off the barrel of the InStyler.

  • Dry Hair

The InStyler Wet-to-Dry works just as well on dry hair. This InStyler is like a great friend, it never lets you down.

What’s so great about the InStyler Wet-to-Dry?

  • The InStyler doesn’t squeeze the water out of your hair, it sweeps the water up to help it evaporate quickly.
  • With the InStyler, you have two barrel sizes to choose from. You can select either the small ¾” or 1 ¾” barrel to achieve your perfect style.
  • Dry hair won’t be a problem with the InStyler. The ionic technology helps lock moisture in, while negative ions help neutralize your hair strands.
  • Three heat settings, perfect for different hair types, will help you achieve smooth, shiny hair.
  • The automatic shut off feature has you covered on those busy mornings. The InStyler is set to shut off after a few minutes of non-use.
  • You will only have to wait thirty seconds for the InStyler to heat up and be ready to go!
  • Waves, curls, and straight locks are an easy, beautiful, and sure result.

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