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Cell Phone Charging Station for College Campuses

Did you know that 94% of college students want to use their mobile devices for studies – both inside and outside the classroom? Besides, most campuses are using text alerts for announcements while lecturers also send out assignments or updates to students through emails. Students want to keep their devices alive to manage these study sessions, school projects, students’ activities, and the campus social life. Investing in a cell phone charging station is, therefore, an essential and outstanding way for any institution to keep their devices powered.

Why High Rate of Mobile Devices Usage among Students?

  1.  E-Textbooks
    Digital textbooks and materials are now common among students since they are cheaper than conventional books. Students love these e-books not only because of cost-effectiveness but also because they lighten the load they have to carry on their backs.
  2. Search Engine
    With a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet, scholars got a more relaxed and quicker way to look up for info during a lecture with less disturbance. Studies show that about half the students reported using google for learning more on the class topic.
  3. Social Media
    Naturally, the big part of social media presence is from students. Every one of them needs to keep their device powered to keep up with their social activities.

Benefits of Cell Phone Charging Station on Campuses

  1. Mobile Devices Improve Learning and Retention
    A significant part of the US college IT budget goes to digital content and curriculum and the infrastructure needed for students to take advantage of it. However, poor battery life and insufficient charging stations threaten the effective use of these digital resources. Students are also able to access course schedules and announcements.
  2. Mobile Devices make Learning Efficient and Campuses Safer
    Laptops, tablets, and smartphones are the favorite way of learning among college and campus students. With the new interactive applications, teachers can now interact with the student in a class with their gadgets, enhancing competent learning. Installing charging stations where students congregate, such as libraries, computer labs, cafeterias, will keep education powered.  Charging locker gives students a safe and stress-free option for them to charge their devices even in their absence.
  3. Mobile Devices Help the Disabled
    With technological advancements, electronics are now capable of a lot. Students with various types of disabilities can use these devices to better their studies and understanding. For instance, speech-to-text technology, screen readers, dictation technology, and electronic note-taking by far help such students.

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