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Most used materials in dental implants, a current solution

A surgery to restore a smile based on dental implants Tijuana placed by a dentist is more than satisfactory, it is a tool that dentistry has in his hands, and that currently helps improve the self-esteem of many patients, who previously cannot find such an effective solution like this one. One of the consultations when deciding this option is linked to materials, classes, and qualities of implants.

The dentist is most often used for the placement of a dental implant.

After a treatment where the piece has been left in an irreparable situation, it is very common to resort to these treatments. The solution is safe, due to a series of characteristics that make it an effective and natural treatment for a good smile. The frequent thing is to think that it is a purely aesthetic procedure, but it is also important and decisive in the dental health of the patient having original pieces to produce a good bite that does not affect the moment of eating food.

Nowadays, there are different types of implants, mainly those related to two special types of materials. Both titanium and zirconium are biocompatible and integrate perfectly at the time of intervention. One of them, the zirconium is composed of a ceramic that has a remarkable rigidity and durability, previously and currently is used in other treatments like braces, endodontics or crowns. Therefore, its strength and quality are more than proven. Regarding its color, it has a favorable tone to give a natural appearance to the denture, and considering the treatment that these implants will give to each patient, their durability is more than convenient.

This material has a more than favorable virtue for dental health, can prevent the formation of bacteria, is immune to acid components, but the best thing is that it is a good alternative for patients who cannot tolerate titanium. Titanium is another option if we refer to materials, it was the most used material at the beginning of the implants, because of great strength and with a tonality closer to steel. It is biocompatible like zirconium, which allows a good integration, the procedure for its placement consists of osseointegration, the bone adheres to the base of the implant, making its fixation methodically on the maxilla definitively.

One of the best alternatives is dental implants, its diversity is as great as the needs of patients. Each patient presents a different diagnosis, so the professional dentist, after evaluating, has the possibility of offering different options. For this reason it is important to take the time necessary to decide on the option indicated according to the case. The procedure of the implant itself does not present great inconveniences, in general it is a surgery that takes little time of investment on the part of the patient, and that basically is based on the replacement of the root that has fallen ill due to an infection or bacteria. Before reaching the replacement procedure, the specialist dentist must perform a pertinent evaluation to establish the decisive diagnosis prior to the surgery. Especially with regard to the assessment and condition of the bone.

After all the necessary tests the implants or the implant is placed in a day. The postoperative period may present some discomfort but it is not a big problem. After a week, the points are removed, and the necessary time is given, always depending on each patient, to bone integration. An indicated solution offered by dentistry that requires responsible maintenance from the patient.