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The Best Authentic Stone Oven Pizza in Austin Texas

If your pizza isn’t made in a stone oven, it’s not authentic Italian pizza. There’s something undeniably savory about the rich, one-of-a-kind flavor that comes from pizza cooked in a stone oven. Stone or brick ovens are a staple of the traditional Italian kitchen. Il Brutto strives to capture the unique, smokey taste of the Italian countryside with all our dishes, offering you the best stone oven pizza in Austin.   

All our pizzas are handmade, and baked to perfection in our classic stone ovens. Stone fired ovens have many advantages over gas and electric appliances that help to produce an evenly cooked pizza with a thick, crispy crust and rich, flavorful toppings.   

Stone ovens are able to maintain higher overall temperatures in excess of 700 degrees, making for quick cook times. The stone interior helps to draw out moisture from the raw ingredients, leaving a crispy crust that perfectly complements our wide range of available toppings.   

The stone interior of the oven, coupled with the high heat and short cook times, helps to quickly cook vegetables, cheeses, and  meats keeping the pizza’s interior from drying out, leaving the nutrients, and more importantly the flavor, intact. 

Stone oven pizza in Austin-A regional taste of Italy  

Throw a stone in Austin and you are likely to hit an Italian restaurant. Not an authentic Italian restaurant, but a hybrid one reliant on Americanized recipes and distinctly non-Italian dishes.   

A restaurant with true Italian cuisine, like Il Brutto, can be hard to find. Authentic Italian cuisine is more than just pasta and red sauce. An authentic menu is reflective of all the individual regions of Italy. For example, our succulent lamb scottadito comes from the region surrounding the city of Verona. Our unique squid ink tagliolini is native to the Sicily region and is a delicacy served all over the country.  Even classic dishes like our stone oven pizzas and our handmade pastas are prepared in the traditional Italian style.     

A taste of Italy in Austin  

We offer the best in authentic, handmade pasta as well. We put the same care and attention into our pasta dishes as we do our pizzas. We offer a wide range of hand rolled pasta including ravioli, lasagna, cacio, pici, and pappardelle prepared according to regional Italian traditions. Our menu offers a virtual tour of the Italian countryside with each plate.  

For the most savory, traditional Italian cuisine, and best Italian pizza in Austin Texas, Il Brutto’s authentic Italian recipes can’t be beat. Il Brutto offers the Austin metropolitan area a little taste of regional Italian cuisine with every meal.